• Financial Translations

    Professional translation and editing services in the field of Finance, including Investment Banking, Corporate Governance, Financial Reporting, Accounting, and Tax.

    Profound expertise in financial terminology in the English, Russian, and French languages and knowledge of the financial industry ensuring the utmost quality, precision, and consistency of each translated document. 

    Providing Consulting and Terminology Management services for financial documents in Russian and French.

    Specializing in:

    Accounting Policies 

    Annual Financial Report

    Auditor's Report

    ​Bank Statement

    Benchmarking Report

    Business Plan

    Business Proposal​​

    Compliance Report

    Consolidated Financial Statements

    Corporate Governance 

    Credit Documents

    Earnings Report​

    FATCA Documents 

    Feasibility Studies  

    Financial Data Supplements

    Financial Reports

    Financial Statements​:

      - Balance Sheets

       - Income Statements

       - Notes to the Financial Statements

       - Statement of Financial Position

       - Statement of Profit or Loss and Other Comprehensive Income

       - Statement of Changes in Equity

    ​   - Statement of Cash Flows

       - Statement of Financial Performance


       - Liability Insurance

       - Property Insurance

    Letter to Shareholders

    Market Report

    Market Research Survey

    Merger and Acquisition Documents

    Mortgage Documents

    Portfolio Management Report

    Proxy Statement

    Report on Portfolio Performance

    Report on Related-Party Transactions

    Sales Report

    SEC Filings

    Tax Documents

      - Real Property Tax

      - Income Tax

    Wealth Management Documents