Oil & Gas and Nuclear Energy

Translation and editing of technical and legal documents in the fields of Oil & Gas, Geology, and Nuclear Energy.

Specializing in the E&P sector, formation evaluation, exploration and appraisal, drilling activity and equipment, directional drilling operations and technologies, Rotary Steerable Systems, BHA configurations, well construction, completion, and production, as well as offshore engineering, rigging, and piping.

Specializing in the field of Oil & Gas Exploration, Geology, Geophysics, Seismic Surveys. 

In the Nuclear Energy field, translating documents on nuclear submarines, nuclear reactors, radioactive waste, and radioactive elements.

Providing translation and editing of technical and engineering documents, including patents, specifications, operation manuals, training materials, and user guides.


Petroleum Engineering

Exploration & Production





Seismic Surveys

Nuclear Energy

Renewable Energy