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    Professional Translation Services

    Russian | French | English

    Translation, editing, proofreading, transcription, and interpreting services in Russian, French, and English personally executed by the accredited independent translator 

    Tatiana Kochegarova




    Oil & Gas

    Member of the American Translators Association

    Over six years of practical experience in providing translation, editing, proofreading, and transcription services in the following language pairs: 

                     Russian – English                 

    French – English

               English – Russian   ​        

    French – Russian

    Providing Quality Assurance for each project, creating precise and accurate translations while preserving the form and meaning of the original text, maintaining consistency, verifying the correct syntactic structure, grammatical accuracy, punctuation, and appropriate semantic flow of the target text, reviewing for omissions, and performing the final check in order to ensure compliance with the initial instructions.

    In-depth knowledge of legal, financial, and technical terminology, attention to details, and strict adherence to deadlines and formatting requirements of the client.

    Providing Certified Translations and

    Notarized Translations (New York State).

    ​Specializing in translation of legal documents, including contracts, business and corporate documentation, civil and criminal litigations, employment, real estate, intellectual property and patents. In the financial field, the translation expertise covers investment, securities, corporate governance, banking, auditing, accounting, tax. Technical translations comprise oil & gas, geology, renewable energy, and nuclear energy.   

    Upon request, work with a CAT-tool:

    SDL Trados Studio 2015

    Performing translation and editing in 
    American English and British English.​


    Confidentiality of all information guaranteed.

    Based in New York City, United States






    Certified Translations

    Notarized Translations​





    Fields of Specialization



    Business, Commerce

    ​Marketing, Advertising

    Oil & Gas

    ​Nuclear Energy


    ​​International Organizations

    Language Pairs

                       Russian into English                    French into English


                       English into Russian                     French into Russian 

    Legal Translations

    Professional legal translation services in Russian, French, and English. Specializing in translation of contracts and agreements in various fields, including business and corporate, real estate, employment, and IP. 

    Providing translations of legal documents for civil and criminal litigations, as well as regulatory statements and reports, corporate governance and investor relations documents. 

    ​In-depth knowledge of legal and financial terminology in the Russian, French, and English languages.

    Specializing in the following legal documents:


    • Articles of Incorporation
    • ​Assignment of Claim Agreement
    • Assignment of Partnership Interest Agreement
    • Asset Purchase Agreement
    • Business Purchase Agreement
    • Certificate of Conformity
    • ​Collaboration Agreement
    • Corporate By-Laws​
    • Guarantee Agreement
    • Indemnity Agreement
    • Joint Venture Agreement​
    • ​Letter of Intent
    • ​​LLC Operating Agreement​​
    • ​​Loan Agreement
    • Memorandum of Association
    • Partnership Agreement
    • Privacy Policy & Terms of Use
    • ​Promissory Note
    • Prospectus
    • ​Purchase Agreement
    • ​Regulations on the General Shareholders' Meeting
    • Release/Waiver Agreement
    • Sales and Purchase Agreement
    • Secondment Agreement
    • Shareholders' Agreement
    • Stock Purchase Agreement
    • ​Supply Agreement
    • ​Tender and Bidding Documents​


    • ​Employment Agreement
    • Executive Employment Agreement
    • Independent Consulting Agreement
    • ​Independent Contractor Agreement​
    • Non-Compete Agreement
    • Non-Disclosure Agreement​​
    • ​Professional Services Agreement​
    • ​Professional Services Subcontracting Agreement​​
    • ​Severance Agreement and Release of Claims 

    Intellectual Property

    • ​Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement
    • Copyright Assignment Agreement
    • Trademark and Copyright License Agreement
    • ​Copyright Notice
    • ​Joint Ownership Agreement for an Invention
    • Software License Agreement
    • ​Patent​​s 

    Real Estate

    • ​Real Estate Purchase Agreement
    • Inheritance Documents
    • ​Letter of Intent for Purchase of Real Property
    • ​Offer to Purchase Real Estate
    • ​Property Bill of Sale​
    • Property Management Agreement
    • Property Settlement Agreement
    • Mortgage Agreement​​
    • Warranty Deed
    • ​Bargain and Sale Deed​​
    • Commercial Lease Agreement
    • ​Residential Lease Agreement
    • Real Property Tax Records
    • Property Insurance Contracts


    • ​Arbitration Documents
    • Certificates of Disposition
    • Criminal Investigation Reports
    • Depositions
    • ​Forensic Reports
    • Indictments
    • Police Reports
    • ​Witness Statements


    • Affidavits
    • ​Contracts and Agreements
    • Correspondence and Letters
    • Mutual Confidentiality Agreement​​
    • Power of Attorney​
    • Vital Records​   

    Financial Translations

    Professional translation and editing services in the field of Finance, including Investment Banking, Corporate Governance, Auditing, Accounting, Insurance, and Tax.

    Profound expertise in financial terminology in the English, Russian, and French languages and knowledge of the financial industry ensuring the utmost quality, precision, and consistency of each translated document. 

    Providing Consulting and Terminology Management services for all financial documents in Russian and French. Glossaries with financial terminology for each document are available upon request. 

    Over six years of practical experience in translation and editing of financial documentation for individual clients and companies in Manhattan and around the world. ​

    Specializing in the following financial documents: 

    Accounting Policies 

    Annual Financial Report

    Auditor's Report

    ​Bank Statement

    Benchmarking Report

    Business Plan

    Business Proposal​​

    Compliance Report

    Consolidated Financial Statements

    Corporate Governance 

    Credit Documents

    Earnings Report​

    FATCA Documents 

    Feasibility Studies  

    Financial Data Supplements

    Financial Security Report

    Financial Statements​:

       - Statement of Financial Position

       - Statement of Profit or Loss and Other

       - Comprehensive Income

       - Statement of Changes in Equity

    ​   - Statement of Cash Flows

       - Statement of Financial Performance

       - Balance Sheets

       - Income Statements

       - Notes to the Financial Statements 


    New York City, United States